We Should All Have A Credit Card

Whenever we turn the TV on, open up a magazine or visit the internet we get bombarded, or so it seems, by credit card offers. They are everywhere and they are relentless in the pursuit of new clients.  
My mother took out a small loan early last year, and she started to receive one or two credit card offers every week. Same with my son soon after he applied to college.
Credit card usage is today seen as a negative by many. Some belive in only having one in case of emergencies and others do not believe in having any at all. To recommend using one has become almost irresponsible almost evil advice.
Using a credit card to buy things you can't afford or even need is certainly not smart and somewhat irresponsible. The interest charges can pile up over time. Why do you think minimum payments exist? Finance charges and the compounding interest add up.
There are also pluses to using credit cards and zero, yes no drawbacks when used correctly.  I believe in smartly using credit cards. Oth…

23 Steps to Find Happiness and Change Your Life

Once we step into adulthood we sometimes become so consumed with life that we forget to live. The mortgage, the student loans; they all get in the way. Our dreams are put aside and what we hoped to accomplish is never to be finished. They say that when we grow old our biggest regret is not about our failures, but what we never attempted.  So do what makes you happy.

Forgive your parents for mistakes they may have made during your childhood. Nobody is perfect. Hopefully you learned from them. Forgive someone for a past transgression. Let it go, if just for you. Eliminate toxic people from your life; regardless of how hard it may be.  You do not need all the negativity in your life. Take a vacation by yourself. Go where you want, when you want.  You get to see, do and eat what you want.  Every choice will be yours and yours alone. See your favorite band play live. Watch your favorite movies one more time.  I can watch some of mine on mute and recite every line. Walk on wet grass in your…

5 Steps To Rule Over Your Financial Life Like A King

Life is not supposed to be hard, but sometimes we do things that make it so.  It should not be that way. Here are some of the many things we should do to make life easier and in the long run more fulfilling.

1.Automate Everything

Often times we are overwhelmed by our bills, but budgeting is a pain in the neck. We set one up but are unable to stick with it, or worse...never even  get one set. Do nothing and the financial mess continues to get larger and deeper.

Easiest way to keep budgeting to a minimum is to automate everything. All fixed-amount recurring bills; the mortgage, the car, the phone. Take a set it and forget it approach.  One less thing to worry about and many offer some type of discount if you chose to make automatic payments. Same goes savings accounts. You need these automated so that the deposits are made before you see it hits your bank.

2. Eliminate Debt

You got into debt over time, likewise you will not get out overnight.  With some discipline and the know-how you can e…

What Are We Doing?

As I sat there conversing with some of the parents, I looked up to see four teams, about 50 kids, exit the training complex and realized they were all plugged into their phones, not all but so it seemed. No conversation, no laughter, nothing but the glow of their screens. These were kids no more than ten, maybe eleven years old. Some were only six.

Out in the parking lot, quite a few cars had the the same glow and I realized that this was why the kids were oblivious to everything but their phones; this was a learned habit.

Parents could show up to the practice fields and see what was going on with their kids. Were they receiving proper instruction, learning anything, or were they being mistreated, or bullied? I would want to see where my money was going.  Maybe talk to the coaches.  These parents have no idea what is going on. Too busy with the phone.

The cell phone has become the connection to the outside world and if you can't share, like, <3 or read all about it on the latest a…

Take Your Vacation, You Earned It!

Suddenly inspired...Sitting here poolside under a palm tree relaxing while on vacation, a thought crossed my mind. We all love to vacation, yet many people lose vacation time; they simply let it go unused.  I don't understand how someone does not take the time off, you earned it.

Breaking away from the daily routine gives the body time to rejuvenate and heal itself. A study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh revealed that taking part in leisure activities like vacations contributes to higher positive emotional levels, less depression, lower blood pressure and smaller waistlines.  A vacation also resets your mind. By stepping away for a few days the batteries get recharged.
The traditional vacation may not always be an option. The costs involved are a major hurdle when planning that long wished for trip.  Some people hate to fly and find having to do so a major stressor. Lost luggage and delays add to the stress.

A suitable replacement is the  stay at home vacation, staycation;…

Life Experiences Are What Really Matter

Our consumer oriented culture has always told us that owning more will make us happy. The big house, the fancy car, a closet full of designer labels, the expensive stuff we needlessly collect.  No matter how luxurious, large or expensive do not really make us any happier. These material goods do not define us, and many times are just part of the ongoing competition with those around us.

The pursuit of happiness by acquiring stuff that will soon become junk is quite a waste. This junk will soon be replaced by newer, more expensive stuff that will be once again replaced in a never-ending cycle.

Will possessing more make us exponentially happier?  If owning five pairs of shoes makes you happy, will owning say ten pairs make you twice as happy? Does not work that way. We cannot buy our way to happiness, that is not the way there.

Remember the Palm Pilot?  It was a hand-held device that allowed you to take notes, store data and the like while away from your computer.  In a way, a precursor to…

I Don’t Want A Tax Refund, Neither Should You

Happens every year, tax time arrives and many go “crazy”.  Some will have to pay out some more. That is a good move if you planned it this way and have the funds to cover the expense and incur in no penalties.  Others receive a nice chunk of change in the form of a tax refund. Most see it as a bonus, or a gift. Always nice to receive a refund, but it is just that: a refund; not more money.

I know, you may think that it is like finding a $20 bill on the sidewalk; who does not like that? not get all excited; nothing like that really. This was your money all along. You did not win the lottery. Make no mistake extra money it is not. I don’t understand why people look forward to them or even think of them in this manner.

The government is returning money that you had previously "overpaid".   Your money! The worst part of it is that it all amounts to an interest free loan you gave them.  Do you know of any lending institution that operates in this matter, handing o…